DIY Scrunchie Holder/Display August 12 2014

If you're looking for an easy and cute way to display and hold your scrunchies, I've got you covered. All you need for this DIY, is...

1. Empty toilet paper or paper towel roll

2. Scrunchies!!

Then, all you need to do is stack all of your scrunchies up on the roll randomly, by size, by color, or pattern! Make it your own!! If the roll is either too short, or too long, cut off extras, or add more parts of another roll. I have mine on a white shelf in my room.

If you decide to make one, post a picture on twitter or instagram and #DIYsWithMolly! Also tag me! My twitter is @edgymnastics, and my instagram is @everyday__gymnastics. I hope you liked this DIY! Xoxo, Molly

My scrunchie holder!!