Feature Friday: Maddie! August 08 2014

Our next Feature Friday is here! This week's gymnast is Maddie!
  • She's 10 years old, and a level 4/5 competitive gymnast
  • Maddie started gymnastics at age 7
  • Her favorite event is floor, and her best event is beam
  • Her biggest accomplishment was getting her roundoff back tuck
  • Maddie's gymnastics inspirations are me, (Molly Mook) and Simone Biles
  • The best advice she's ever received is to "Never quit, Never give up." -Gabby Douglas
  • Her favorite thing to do outside of gymnastics is track or swimming

You can find Maddie on.... Instagram: @maddieis2crazy and @we_luv_edgymnastics (FOLLOW)IMG_8824 IMG_8825

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