DIY Vision Board! July 29 2014

Do you ever need motivation, but you don't know where to find it? Try a vision board! It's super easy and fun to make, and it will help you out all the time!

To make one, all you need is some kind of board...A cork board is very easy. You can cover it with fabric, ribbons, buttons, or leave it the same...whatever you want! Then, gather lots of things that inspire you! It can be magazine clippings, inspirational quotes, goals you want to achieve, places you want to go, things you have achieved in the past, or anything else you can think of! On my vision board, I have all my medals, my best scores from this gymnastics competition season, the high school that I want to go to, pictures of me doing gymnastics, my gymnastics inspiration(Aly Raisman), my Youtube goals, and pictures of gymnastics and fitness products, because I want to make my own one day!

The last step of your vision board is to hang it where you'll see it everyday, and keep adding to it! If you decide to make one, I hope it's helpful! Send a picture of yours to me on Instagram: @everyday__gymnastics or Twitter: @edgymnastics  with the hashtag #VisionBoardsWithMolly! xoxo, Molly