My Trip to Nationals 2014! July 08 2014

Wow! What an awesome trip I had last week! I traveled to Tampa, Florida with my mom for my YMCA National Gymnastics Meet! I had a blast, so I want to tell you all about it!

On Wednesday, July 2, my mom and I woke up at the crack of dawn...4:45 AM! We quickly got dressed and headed to the was even too early for breakfast! At the airport, of course, we had to check in, go through security...all that boring stuff. The exciting part was stopping in at Dunkin Donuts! So, at 7:50 AM, our plane took off! Up into the sky we went. Then, finally around 10:30 AM, we arrived at our destination!! At the hotel, I went swimming with all my friends in the SUPER warm pool, and ate lunch at the pool side! Next stop was, Opening Ceremonies! My team took a tour bus to the site, which was the football stadium of The Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Before the actually ceremony, there was a tailgate party with food trucks all around! It was fun, but SO hot. Then, the time came for us to go into the stadium! Every team marched in, and appeared on the big screen. We sat on the field, as all the parents and spectators watched us from the seats up high! It was so cool, to look up at everything, and experience what a football player sees every game! Then, we went night swimming at the hotel! That was a full day!

The next day was Thursday, my free day! My mom and I started off the day by going to First Watch Diner, for some yummy breakfast! I had S'mores French Toast which was amazing!! Then, we stopped in a Columbian ship that was docked in Tampa for a bit, and then was going to Miami, then heading back home to Columbia! It was so cool and beautiful. It was like an old fashioned ship with wood floors, and gold detailing everywhere! The view looking out on the harbor was also amazing! I, of course, took a couple of gymnastics pictures on it! Next, we walked along the water, which was beautiful scenery! But, our day wasn't over yet! We headed over to Clearwater Beach! I was hoping that the water was clear, was!! It was also super warm, and the sand was so white! We then had lunch with some friends! And still, the day wasn't over! We went back to the hotel, and then watched some friends compete! Lastly, my mom and I went out to dinner with a view of the water, and then had some Gelato! So, that was also a very fun, and full day!

The next day was the Fourth of July, and my competing day! My meet started at 9 AM! I got all ready, and my friend did my hair, so pretty! Then, off to my meet! I was super excited, but nervous! To see my routines, and how I did, click here. After my meet, in celebration, my mom had promised me Starbucks, so I made sure to remember to go! After Starbucks, I went to the pool...again, and ate lunch there! I wore my American Flag bikini, so I'd be patriotic, and so did my friend, Bridget! Later that night, was our team dinner, and fireworks! It was raining, thundering, and lightening, but the fireworks still happened!

Finally, our last day in Florida came! Early in the morning, my mom and I went to breakfast with a water view and then took a short walk. We then went to the hotel pool for the last time! Then, before we knew it, it was time to pack up! To the airport we went, onto the plane, and back to our house! It was sad leaving, but nice to be home! Nationals was such an awesome experience, and I hope we can do it next year too! On Thursday, I'll have a video with all the non-gymnastics pictures, so check back for that! Bye! -Molly