Meeting World Gymnast- Janet Cantwell-Papale June 14 2014

A month or two ago, I got some real inspiration and motivation. I went to an event called "Empowered to be Invincible." I heard two speakers- Jen Groover, and Vince Papale. They had some great advice and inspiring things to share, but my favorite part of the night was after the show! Vince Papale's wife, Janet Cantwell-Papale, was there and she was a world gymnast! She shared her story with me which I really enjoyed! She had health problems and a spleen injury as a child. Everyone told her she couldn't do gymnastics, but she wanted to so bad, so she did. In the 1970s, she made the US National Team and participated in World Games. When she blew out her knee at age 18, Janet started diving. She then also coached gymnastics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Janet also shared some fantastic advice! Here are some of my favorite points-

  1. Set goals and dream big!

  2. Never give up!

  3. If you really want something, and work hard, you can do anything!

The last words of wisdom she said was that gymnasts are awesome because they're strong, self-motivated, and hardworking! Thanks Janet for a great experience. You inspired me to work hard for my dreams!  If you want to read more about the event, check out the post my mom wrote here!

Janet and Me