Molly's March Meet 2014! March 26 2014

Molly's March Meet 2014 was successful! I've improved so much since my first meet and I thought. I'd share with you how I did at my most recent meet, which was last Saturday.

The first event we went to was floor! Floor is my favorite, so I was glad we were starting the meet off that way! I was performed last for my team, and when I went, I felt confident. My score was a 9.2. I came in second place, and got a really pretty medal.

Next, was vault. Overall, my team's vault weren't great that day. In my vault, I was piked a little, and I landed really hard, so my back hurt. I ended up getting an 8.25, which wasn't my best, but I was glad I didn't get lower then that. I placed fourth.

Then, we went to bars, and I was very happy because I made all my skills, and made my record score, an 8.6! I improved a lot, since my last meet, where I got an 8.0! I placed fourth on bars.

Lastly, we went to the event of beam. I was determined to make my cartwheel, so right before I went, I told myself to pretend I was in practice. I was very glad that I made my cartwheel. I think I got a little too excited, because for the rest of my routine, I was very shaky. We were timed, and right when I landed my dismount, the timer ended. I was relieved I didn't finish a second too late.  I scored a 9.15, my highest score on beam, ever! I placed second.

For my All Around score, I had a 35.2 and placed second! Since this competition was league championships, the top 8 got trophies. I had the second to biggest trophy, since I came in second. At that meet, I got my first gymnastics trophy ever. The Level 4 team for my gym placed 3rd overall at that competition. How did your most recent meet go?