February 2014 Meet! February 16 2014

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Last Saturday, February 8, I had a gymnastics meet! I want to share with you how I did! I feel that this meet was my best ever. I placed for the first time in all four events and all around!

The first event we went to was floor. I felt nervous, but confident to do my routine. My score was a 9.3 which is the second highest score on my record for myself. I placed first in my age group! Then, we went to vault. Here, I beat my highest score and got a 8.65. I placed fourth. My vault is getting better every practice! Next, was bars and I surprised myself on it! I made all of my skills, which was a first and got a score of 8.0! I couldn't believe it. I improved so much since my last meet, where I'd gotten a 5.25! I placed for the first time on bars and I got sixth place. Lastly, was beam and I was disappointed because I fell on my cartwheel. Other then my one fall, I felt that I had a pretty solid beam routine! I got a score of 8.9 which is my highest score yet! I placed second!

I felt that meet was my best because I placed in all around and in bars for the first time. My all around score was 34.85 and I placed fourth. I also beat three of my highest scores at last week's meet. I beat my vault, beam, and bars score! I also qualified for Nationals at this meet!!