My First Meet of 2014! January 22 2014 2 Comments

Hey guys! It's Molly and today I'm going to share with you how I did at my most recent meet. It was the first meet of 2014 for me, so I was very excited. It was on Saturday.

The first event my team went to was vault. We get two warmups and mine were both good. On the first try of my real vault, my steps were off and I hurtled really weird. I went over the vault in a rolled up ball. When I landed, I fell backwards onto my butt. Luckily, I laughed it off and tried again. My final vault score was 8.25. I placed 6th on vault. Then, my team went to bars. I am really happy because I competed bars for the first time. I was spotted on my kips in warmups. I went second and made my glide kip! I was very happy and I think I might have been a little too excited because I fell on my squat on which I made in warmups. I also didn't make my long hang kip. I am usually not close at all to that, but at the meet I was so close. My final score was a 5.25 which I was expecting. I was just glad I competed bars. I didn't place on bars, but I knew that was coming. Next, my team went to beam. I made all my skills in warmups but then when competing time came around, I fell on my cartwheel. This meet, luckily I controlled the rest of my routine. Last meet, after I fell, I was just a mess. I got an 8.65 on beam. That was the score of my beam at my first meet. I got 5th place on beam. Lastly, we went to floor, my favorite! I went last and felt great and confident. My score was a 9.25 and I tied for 1st with my teammate. My overall score was a 31.40 which qualifies me for States!

I can always improve this score once I get my bars routine better. Then, maybe I can qualify for Nationals! I hope you enjoyed reading about how I did at my meet!