5 Tips for a Good Floor Routine! January 15 2014

Hey guys! Floor is my favorite event. When I first started gymnastics, I thought you were only scored on how well you do the skills. That is part of your score, but you also have to be the full package. I'm going to share some helpful hints that I have learned and they've helped me a lot!

1. Practice makes perfect. Skills are a very important part of your routine. Make sure you try very hard during practice. It's okay to have fun, but make sure you're also working. Focus on what you need practice on.

2. Perform. When you do your routine, make sure you're not just going through the movements. Dance like no one is watching and just let out all your energy. My mom always says to me, "Exaggerate all the movements." It actually helps. Earlier this competition season, I just went through my routine. I didn't dance through it. At my second meet, I danced and performed my routine and really felt it and I got a higher score! Also, make fun faces! Smile, look fierce, or sassy! Whatever you think is the best. You can also change your faces throughout the routine! Make your routine enjoyable and memorable.

3. Be confident. You won't look good if you're questioning every step you take. I used to have a fear of doing my routine in front of all the people at the meet. I was even scared to just dance in front of my family. You just have to zone everything out, put on your confidence face, and perform for the audience.

4. Feel the music. One day, play your music and just go over the motions in your head. See if there is any parts where the music really relates and sounds or feels like the moves. Make sure when you do your routine, you emphasize those parts.

5. Visualize. At your competition, before it's your turn to compete, go over your routine in your head and imagine you hitting and sticking everything perfectly! Imagine yourself performing the routine of your lifetime! Then, tell yourself that you CAN deliver that routine.

I hope these 5 tips will help you make your floor routine better!