4 Simple Running Tips and Tricks January 08 2014

One of my New Year goals is to run a 5k! My mom and I are training together to run one in March. We created a schedule that will help us work up to 3.1 miles. I run three times a week. I have one more run at one mile and then I'm moving up to 1.25 miles. When I run, there are a few special things I like to do, so below is a list of tips.

1. Music. Music helps me push farther. I have a special playlist full of fun, upbeat music that I use for working out. When I get tired, I just go farther into my music, so I get lost in it. That helps me not think about running.

2. Re-fuel. During and after a run, you should be drinking lots of water. Sometimes after I run, I even make a smoothie with some protein power in it.

3. Countdown. I run on a treadmill. When you're running, near the end, you start to get tired. Depending on whether you put in a length or time of what you're gong to run, I like to set it so it counts down. Then, when you're really tired, you can say, "Only this much more!"

4. Dress appropriately. When you run, you want to be comfortable. I would suggest wearing a light t-shirt, spandex, comfortable shorts, sports bra, etc. Whatever is light, and will keep you feeling good works!

Those are just four simple tips that will make your running a bit easier. I like running because it makes you feel accomplished, it's good for your body, and it will help with cardio for gymnastics! Comment down below if you like running, and if you do, why you like it!