My New Year Resolutions/Goals January 01 2014 12 Comments

Happy New Year! I want to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope that 2014 will be great for you. I had a great year and it was in 2013 when I started gymnastics and my website and youtube channel "Everyday Gymnastics." I'm going to share with you my New Years resolutions and goals.

1. Run a 5k. My mom and I are going to train together for this. The one we want to do is in March so we are going to develop a schedule. As of now, we both run about a mile, so we are going to slowly work our way up.

2. Stick to my schedule. I said my schedule for posting would be a video every Sunday and a blog post every Wednesday. I might have to change the days eventually, according to what I have planned, but I would at least post one blog and one video a week.

3. Face my fear of beam. Balance beam gets me very nervous and that makes me hold back on my skills. For example, I am afraid that in my handstand, I will kick up too far and fall over. I will never hit handstand all the way up if I'm afraid of doing it. Once I start doing even harder skills like back walkovers and backhand springs on beam, if I'm still scared, I will not succeed at beam.

4.  Get my needle. This would be a very great accomplishment and would make me happy. I will have to stretch a lot and stay committed to this goal.

5. Get my bad-leg split. My right-leg split is not all the way down. That is not good and I will definitely try hard to make it all the way down.

6. Get my kips. This has been my goal for a while. I just need to get them so badly, because if I don't have them I won't be able to compete bars. I have two kips in my routine. They are the glide kip and long hang kip. I will work very hard on my form and arm strength.

7. Reach 200 followers on twitter. I would like my twitter account to become more known because right now, I'm under 50 followers. I tweet gymnast related tweets, inspirational quotes and pictures,  and updates of when I have a new video or blog post. If you want to follow me, you can find my twitter here.

8. Reach 1000 subscribers on youtube. This would be a big accomplishment. Right now, I almost have 200 subscribers and I think if I really work at it, it can be done. You can find my youtube channel here.

9. Be more confident in all areas of my life. I'm working on developing my self-confidence because I think it creates more opportunities. I want to know what your New Year resolutions or goals are for 2014! I want to accomplish all of mine before 2015. Happy New Year and here's to a great 2014.