My Meet! December 25 2013 2 Comments

Hey guys! Happy holidays. I hope everyone is having a great Christmas and winter break. On Saturday, I had my second meet of the competition season. I'm going to tell you how I did. First, my team came in, stretched, warmed up, and listened to the National Anthem, like always.

Then, my group went to bars first. I warmed up, but sadly, like last meet, I couldn't compete. That's because I didn't do my kips. I made some for the first time a week before that, but then at the next practice, I didn't have them. I'm very close though. So, I watched my friends compete. Then, my team went to beam. I did ok. I fell on my cartwheel. I made it in warmups, but I didn't in the actual routine. Then, I almost fell on my turn and leap. I ended up with a 7.8 and didn't place. Next, was floor. I was very confident going into and coming out of my routine. I felt like I really danced and did my skills well. I focused on my artistry in my routine. I got a 9.45 and was so happy. I placed first in my twelve year old age group or floor. Lastly, was vault. This is my second best event. My only problem on my front handspring vault is that I come up piked and I don't always stick my landing. On my vault I got an 8.4 and placed second.

Overall, this was a very fun meet(especially because I woke up at 6:30 in the morning for it.) Actually, waking up early wasn't fun but the meet was! I didn't place in the all around, but I went home with two medals and an "Owl Star" award from my coaches. My gym's theme this year is owls, so instead of all star it's owl star. I got the award for being a great team member and having a fantastic floor performance.