My First Gymnastics Meet! November 17 2013

Hey guys! On Saturday evening, I had my first gymnastics meet... ever. It was a great experience!  I was super nervous, but it was actually so fun, and now I'm looking forward to all the meets coming up. I am a level 4.  When I got to the meet, I went to a smaller gym and stretched and practiced my routines with my team. Then, we went into the big gym and were introduced and listened to the National Anthem.

My team started on balance beam. I didn't fall, but I was a bit shaky. Next, was floor. Floor is my favorite, so I felt very confident. Then was vault. I did a front handspring over the table well, but didn't stick my landings. Last, was bars. In practice before the meet, I was working really hard to get my kip. I'm so close. At the competition, I warmed up and wasn't getting my kip. My coach decided that I wasn't going to compete bars. I was happy, but sad. I was happy because I knew that if I did compete that I would've missed two skills and gotten a low score. I was sad because I just wanted to try.

At awards, I placed on all three events I competed in! On vault with an 8.5, I came in third place. With an 8.65 on beam, I got third place, too. On floor, I came in first place with an 8.9! I got two white ribbons and one blue.   I was awarded first place for floor.[/caption] I had a great experience and now can say I've competed! By the way, sorry that I haven't been posting blogs or videos. I have been super busy lately. xoxo, molly

I was awarded first place for floor.