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My Favorite Takeaways - PA Conference for Women October 31 2018

On October 12, I had the amazing opportunity to attend and join over 10,000 other women at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women as a member of the press. It was the quintessential scene to get inspired, empowered, and learn how to be the best, most powerful version of myself.

10,000+ went to the 2018 event. Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images

Ecstatic to be at the conference.

Below are my favorite speakers and takeaways highlighted:

  • Amanda Southworth— 16-year-old mental health and LBGTQ activist
    • We have a responsibility to destroy what oppresses us or those less fortunate than us.
    • If one is not part of the solution, he or she is part of the problem.
  • Amal Clooney— keynote speaker, international human rights activist/lawyer
    • Vote, elect good leaders, and become good leaders.
    • Stand up for injustices.
    • Take the road less traveled and take the one that feels most authentic.
    • Her motivator is thinking about what she will tell her kids what she did during this time when they grow up.

Amal Clooney, Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images

  • Zaniya Lewis— Young Women’s Program presenter, college student, and founder of YesSheCanCampaign
    • Surround yourself with diverse and passionate people. Be around those who go above and beyond and don’t want to be average.  
    • To keep yourself on track to success, think about what you want to give to the world, how you are going to inspire others, and what you want to be remembered for.
  • Dani Rylan— Young Women’s Program presenter, founder of the National Women’s Hockey League
    • Be confident in the brand you’re building.
    • To create opportunities for yourself, believe passionately in what you’re doing and have enough grit to push through rejections, doubts, and challenges.
  • Valerie Smith— Young Women’s Program presenter, Swarthmore College President
    • Speaking up means showing up and using your voice to advocate for yourself, your causes, and those who can’t.
    • Trusting yourself is the first step in claiming yourself and your voice; YOU have the final say in determining who you are and what you can do.
    • “Walk towards opportunities that frighten you. Don’t let fear get in the way. Not all risks result in successful outcomes. But failing at things does not make you a failure.”
    • “You don’t make right decisions. You make decisions right.” Once you’ve settled on a choice, make it right by meeting new people, changing and improving things, and taking advantage of everything possible.
  • Serena Williams— keynote speaker, world-renowned tennis player, activist & philanthropist

Serena Williams, Photo by Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images

    • “One positive comment to someone can change the course of his or her life.”
    • “The success of one woman should be an inspiration to the next.”
    • “Humility makes you great.”
  • Amber Rae— author
    • Eliminate toxic worry and choose wonder through the three C’s: courage, curiosity, & compassion.
    • “Don’t die with your gifts still inside.”

I will never forget my time at the PA Conference for Women. After such an incredible day of being surrounded by intelligent, successful, empowered, and supportive women, I felt proud to be a girl. I felt inspired to make use of myself and not sit back and watch what’s happening today, but rather do everything I can to make a difference. After all, today’s young women are tomorrow’s leaders.

My mom has been an attendee for many years in the past... this year I finally joined her!

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Enjoy some gymnastics through the point of view of a gymnast!! I strapped my GoPro to myself and two of my teammates as we did skills in the gym on tumble track, floor, beam, and bars.

Y League Championships 2018 July 19 2018

This is my Championship Meet for my YMCA League this year!! All my level 8 routines went pretty well and I ended up placing third all around.

Pink Gymnastics Invitational 2018 July 19 2018

These are my gymnastics routines that I competed on February 25, 2018 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The meet was called the Pink Invitational and we competed in support of Unite for Her. My best highlights include earning my highest all around of the season so far - 34.4 and doing my best floor routine of the season - 9.225.

Delaney's Level 3 Gymnastics Meet July 19 2018

For this video, I'm highlighting my 7 year old sister Delaney and her most recent gymnastics meet! It's her first year competing and she does level 3. Here are her routines, scores, and places. 

This Season's Meet Highlights So Far July 19 2018

My video for today is showing meet highlights from my first two meets of this season!! I competed (level 8) at a YMCA League Meet and then the USAG Judges' Cup. Sadly, I have not done bars since I don't have a dismount yet, but hopefully soon I will!

How to Prepare for a Gymnastics Meet July 19 2018

I give tips and advice for how to prepare yourself for your gymnastics meet!! Whether it is your first season competing or your last, it is always good to brush up with some helpful tips and reminders of what you should and shouldn't do. Hopefully the advice about your outfit, hair, packing, as well as mental positivity and training is beneficial to you this year.

Question & Answer: Where Have I Been & Upcoming Plans July 19 2018

I decided to film a question and answer video for you today, just so that you'd get an idea of what's been happening and what's upcoming. Basically, the main idea of why I haven't posted it that junior year is hitting me so hard! I am going to work on time management though, so I upload consistently..I need your help though, so comment video ideas below.

My Teammates React to Your Gymnastics Fails July 19 2018

Today's video features a bunch of you guys!!! I had my teammates react to a montage I edited of all of your gymnastics fails...we had some laughs and some cringes. Comment what you thought of the video. I love love love watching fails!

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I wanted to add another video to my "guide to" videos!! This one is all about jumps on balance beam. I show you the most common jumps that you can do along with some more difficult ones. Also, I include my best tips, tricks, and ideas on how to get better at your jumps through flexibility and strength. Comment below what my best tip was and also tell me what other guides you'd like me to do.

How Well Do My Teammates Know Me? July 19 2018

I challenged my gymnastics teammates to answering a bunch of questions about me!! (gymnastics and non gymnastics related). Find out which teammate won and maybe you can also learn some new fun facts about me :)

My National Meet 2017 & My Thoughts July 19 2018

Here is the promised video of me commenting on & reacting to my last meet of the 2017 season: y nationals!! This is a great video because it shares my opinion of my routines and gymnastics skills, while also being a fun thing to look back on. I had a pretty solid meet, except for a few wobbles or few extra steps here and there...

Taking Online Gymnastics Quizzes: Buzzfeed, Quibblo, & More July 24 2017

Today's video is me taking a few gymnastics quizzes that I found online for fun!! According to the tests, I'm a level 9 gymnast, I am alike to Alicia Sacramone, I'm a pro at gymnastics slang, and Aly Raisman is my style twin. Try out the quizzes yourself, comment the results, and also let me know if you want more videos like this!!!

Season Highlights: Level 8 (2017) July 24 2017

Hey everyone!! I have the "season in review" video!!! I picked some of my favorite gymnastics skills/routines from this past year & I made a fun montage to look back on. I can't wait to keep working summer skill upgrades and show you all everything new I get for next season.

Not My Arms: Gymnastics Challenges July 24 2017

My friend Chloe & I did the "Not My Arms Challenge" with little things that relate to gymnastics (: We put on grips, ate a before-practice snack, did hair, makeup, stretched, and more! I hope you enjoyed!!!

Y Nationals - Level 8 Day Two July 24 2017

Hey guys!! I qualified in the top 25 at y nationals on day one, so I got to compete at all around finals (: This was not my best meet at all...but I did really well on floor and still wanted to share with you all. My two day total was 69.65 and I placed 14th in the senior division!