Everyday Gymnastics

Taking Online Gymnastics Quizzes: Buzzfeed, Quibblo, & More July 24 2017

Today's video is me taking a few gymnastics quizzes that I found online for fun!! According to the tests, I'm a level 9 gymnast, I am alike to Alicia Sacramone, I'm a pro at gymnastics slang, and Aly Raisman is my style twin. Try out the quizzes yourself, comment the results, and also let me know if you want more videos like this!!!

Season Highlights: Level 8 (2017) July 24 2017

Hey everyone!! I have the "season in review" video!!! I picked some of my favorite gymnastics skills/routines from this past year & I made a fun montage to look back on. I can't wait to keep working summer skill upgrades and show you all everything new I get for next season.

Not My Arms: Gymnastics Challenges July 24 2017

My friend Chloe & I did the "Not My Arms Challenge" with little things that relate to gymnastics (: We put on grips, ate a before-practice snack, did hair, makeup, stretched, and more! I hope you enjoyed!!!

Y Nationals - Level 8 Day Two July 24 2017

Hey guys!! I qualified in the top 25 at y nationals on day one, so I got to compete at all around finals (: This was not my best meet at all...but I did really well on floor and still wanted to share with you all. My two day total was 69.65 and I placed 14th in the senior division!

Y Nationals 2017 - Level 8 Day One July 24 2017

Hi guys!! I’m so happy to bring you this video of my first day of competition at Y Nationals this year…I travelled to the beautiful city of Savannah, Georgia and I did gymnastics on two days. This video shows you the first day which I’m so proud of my performance and I qualified to the all around finals (had to be top 25 in your division). Stay tuned to watch my second day video. Thanks guys!!

Delaney's Gymnastics (6 Years Old) July 24 2017

Hey guys :) I thought it'd be nice to feature my six year old sister with some of her best gymnastics skills, since she's been working super hard on them! Delaney is now training with the team at our gym and is loving every day!

The Alphabet Yoga Challenge July 24 2017

Hi guys!! So I got some inspiration from a picture of a human making the letters of the alphabet with some yoga/contortion moves. I invited Kira over and we made it into the "Alphabet Yoga Challenge" since it's a cross between them. We even used some gymnastics in there :) You should try this challenge out yourself!

How to do a Front Walkover July 24 2017

Hey guys! Today I teach you all how to do a front walkover on the floor and let you know some helpful tips, tricks, and drills that'll make the skill easier. It's a great move to have in gymnastics, so hope this helps! 

Fitness Obstacle Course July 24 2017

I created a fun obstacle course with strength & gymnastics challenges to make a hard cardio workout. I finished the course in 2 minutes and 6 seconds!

New Uploading Schedule Announcement July 24 2017

Hello guys!! Happy Summer :) I am done with my school for the year, so I'm going back to uploading 2x a week. New videos will be up every Wednesday and Sunday, but I need your help so I don't run out of ideas...Please comment below video requests!!

Follow Along Workout: Full Body July 24 2017

Try to do the follow along workout with me from the beach :) It's a pretty good full body workout with focus on the core (my favorite). Being strong helps so much with gymnastics, so it's good to do quick little workouts like these. Thanks for watching..

Skill Update in the Gym July 24 2017

A training montage from the gym is here!! I highlighted some skills that I've been working on at gymnastics from November 2016 - May 2017. This is one of my favorite videos to post, because I enjoy looking back to see progress of my skills. Comment what your favorite event is & your best skill on it for a like from me :) Thanks for watching!!! 

Everything You Need to Know About Gymnastics July 24 2017

I finally made a highly requested video for all of you who are thinking of maybe starting gymnastics, but don't know much about it! I explained what you should wear, facts about all 4 events, gave do's and don'ts for classes, and showed you very common positions.

My State Championship Meet 2017 July 24 2017

My state gymnastics meet was for YMCAs of Pennsylvania :) I was happy with the day & was super excited about vault as it was my highest score (9.2)!!! My team also did amazing and we had one of our best meets ever...also got that 1st place!
Vault: 9.2 - 1st
Bars: 7.45
Beam: 8.75 - 3rd
Floor: 9.275 - 2nd
AA: 34.675 - 2nd

Trying Gymnastics Trends!! April 29 2017

Today I tried out 5 things that have been trends on insta/twitter/anywhere for a while & incorporated gymnastics :) Thanks to those who inspired me and gave the ideas for them. Trend #1 is bottle flipping!!! Trend #2 is the mannequin challenge at my gym. Trend #3 is sheet gymnastics for flowiness and cool looks. Trend #4 is slow mo trampoline skills and #5 (my favorite) is the mannequin head.

How to Stick Landings in Gymnastics April 21 2017

Here's a little midweek surprise video! I have my best tips/drills for more consistent stuck landings in gymnastics. Whether on beam, bars, floor, or vault, the landing is the last thing the judge sees so you want it to look good.

No Thumbs Challenge: Gymnastics April 21 2017

Today's video is me attempting activities that have to do with gymnastics or getting ready for gymnastics with my thumbs taped up! It was so much fun & I recommend you trying it. Thanks to Stella for this request :)

Level 8 Gymnastics Meet April 21 2017

Here is my most recent gymnastics meet! I'm pretty happy with what I competed. I wasn't proud of bars, but everything else felt great. Beam was my best routine of the season :). Vault & floor were very strong also. Stay tuned because I'll have a few non-competition videos coming, and then my state meet!

Twisters Home Meet Highlights 2017 April 21 2017

This video is highlights from my team's home gymnastics meet this year :) I hurt my ankle that week, so I couldn't compete. I decided to try out some filming so I went to the level 7-9 meet and also filmed two of my level 4 friends. I hope you enjoyed seeing my teammates' amazing gymnastics & I'll be in the next video!!!

4 Hairstyle Ideas for Gymnastics March 14 2017

Hey everyone...today my special guest is Kira!! She is amazing at hair, so I had her do 4 super cute styles on me. They can be ideas for gymnastics practice, a meet, or just your life in general. They look absolutely amazing and will make you feel even more confident than you already are. 


Pink Invitational Meet 2017 March 14 2017

Hi guys..this is my gymnastics meet from last weekend which was the Pink Invitational. The meet was held in the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. It supports Uniteforher, so it was very cool to be competing for a cause. Also, a few of my teammates are quickly featured in here with pictures and some of their skills!!

Jungle Jammin' Gymnastics Meet 2017 March 14 2017

Here's my gymnastics meet from last Sunday! I competed level 8 and it wasn't a great meet, but it was a big improvement from my first meet of the season. I was happy with vault, which was a 9.15, and got 1st place! Bars was not good at all. I was happy with beam even though I fell, because I connected my series! Lastly, floor was awesome. Thanks for watching!!

Expectation Versus Reality: Gymnastics Practice! February 17 2017

Thanks for watching my video! I filmed it back in December and was sooo much fun to make. Thanks to Chloe, Mikayla, Carrie, and Kelly for helping out with it :) Keep in mind this is exaggerated, but I still thought it was a funny vid for gymnastics practice. Let me know which situation was your favorite!

Get Ready With Me: Gymnastics Meet! February 17 2017

Hi guys.. I filmed how I got ready for my first meet of the year!! I show you the order of which I do things, my traditional meet meal, how I visualize before, and my hair routine!!